… aaaand three weeks later

I was all set to do a blog entry, but now Flickr has some technical problems and won’t let me upload photos, so I’m yoinking these over from Facebook.

Catch up since last time:

Rufus is settled in quite nicely.  He had his first taste of snow today.  He was curious about it; once he figured out he could run and slide in it, he had a blast.  It’s hovering right about 0°C, so not too cold.  But it’s very damp/humid.  Not too cold yet for him.  We’ll check back in when it’s -35°.

Those socks that I had shown last time, I inadvertently shrunk them.  The Knit Picks Chroma sock yarn is NOT superwash, even though it has a substantial nylon content.  I was pretty pissed about that.  The Sisu superwash kept the socks from shrinking so they would fit Rufie, though.  I had them sitting on my dresser for a few days while I fumed.  Then I decided I was still going to wear them, and they stretched enough so I could put them on.  They are more of a felt sock than a knit sock, though.

fuzzy and felty

I’ve worn my capelet out a few times.  It’s good for running errands, etc. but a little fussy for grocery shopping because the thing gapes and the arm parts get in the way a little when reaching for items.  But I still love it.

Last night I finished knitting some socks that I’d started on our vacation over a year ago.  There were some complications:


a complication named Rufus

Saturday night we had some of the derby girls over to watch some derby on tv via my laptop.  We had rearranged the furniture so everyone had a good view and didn’t get a crick in their necks.  I had (stupidly) left this second sock on the end table that was then pushed behind the lazy boy and view obstructed from where I was on the couch.  At one point, one of my team mates said, “I don’t think you should be chewing that” and I jumped up to see the above atrocity.

I was, however, more worried about how much of the (beautiful) rosewood needle he had eaten than the sock.  There was a big piece missing, but I found that later after Rufie got up and went into the living room.  So it was just a matter of saying farewell to my gorgeous rosewood needles, then putting the stitches back on another set of needles, going around and picking up dropped stitches, etc.  He doesn’t eat/chew the yarn, just carries it around.  The crunch of the needles must have been more to his tastes.

A week or so ago, we bought a king size bed.  After sleeping on a double for the past 28ish years, this is a real treat.  We got the low profile box springs, so it’s not 3 feet high and the dogs can jump up easily.  So now Ava sleeps with us every night, and Rufus is slowly working his way there.  He’s gone from sleeping in the living room to sleeping on a dog bed at the foot of our bed.  He will jump up there during the day, but not at night.

like Goldilocks … this bed is juuuuuust right.

Anyway, I have the socks done and am presently wearing them:

My usual sock recipe

This yarn is Indigo Moon Ultimate Sock Yarn in the “west coast sunset” colourway.  I had bought this last year on our vacation at Knits by the Sea in Tofino.  I had cast on for these babies on Sept 30, 2011.  Wow.  The colour is a deeper mahogany hue than is showing up in the photo, though.  Beautiful!  My usual 68 st cast on, 2.25 mm needles, ribbed leg and stockinette foot.

I took a week off work Oct 8th.  I had big plans of all the knitting I was going to do, but between a physio appointment, bed shopping, derby commitments, I didn’t get a lot done.  I managed some baking, though:

the usual

I made two batches of dough for the best cookie recipe ever (Jacques Torres).  I baked some off that night, and the remainder was rolled into balls and flash frozen.  So now I have two big ziploc bags full of frozen dough balls in my oven that I can bake off at any time.  Last Monday after derby practice, I came home and in the time it took me to shower, I had six fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies.

There were some recipes I wanted to try in one of my new cookbooks.  One was the S’mores Brownies (previous post) and the other was “toaster tarts” – i.e. homemade pop tarts.

pretty tasty!

I used a mix of blackberry and raspberry jam.  They were easy to make and tasted great.  For the glaze, I used much more milk than the recipe called for to get it to be of a spreadable/floodable consistency.  The recipe makes a dozen.

There are a lot of other tempting recipes in that cookbook; I’ll have to check it out and see what I should try next.

I also made some banana bread and some banana chocolate chip muffins.  Last night I made Swiss Steak; turned out great!


I did this in the oven, but I’ve also done it stove top and the crock pot.  I didn’t puree the gravy/sauce this time.

Weekend before last was quite pleasant.  (Snowing today)  We took the poopers out for a walk along the river:

awww!  Ava’s squinty eyes crack me up!

I took this week off also.  I have worked since October last year without any holidays or days off (other than weekends) and was quite at the end of my rope.  My contract expired the end of September, so we set up the new contract to start November 1 and October I had planned the two weeks off, staggered so things didn’t get too out of hand while I was not answering email, etc.

Rufie hard at work.


5 thoughts on “… aaaand three weeks later”

    1. I miss having time to bake. (The hounds didn’t miss me – I work from my home office, so instead of being in the office, I’ve been in the living room!)

  1. I’d be pissed off about the chroma too. Although Rufus would look great in striped…you’d have to knitting two more; one for the front right and one for the back left.

  2. Glad he enjoyed his first snow. We upgraded to a king size bed a week after we got Stella. Now with all 4 dogs clamoring for space, we are thinking of putting two king size side-by-side so everyone has enough room to sleep in bed at night 🙂

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