something’s gotta give

Things continue to be incredibly busy for me.  Much to my sadness, my blog and knitting have been major casualties of my work and roller derby commitments.  I’m on the board of our roller derby league, so in addition to the six hours a week we practice, I spend a lot of time each week doing “behind the scenes” email and administrative tasks, as do my four fellow board officers.

On November 3, my derby team played a bout in Regina.  It was called “The Debutaunt Brawl” and we played against the Regina Rockin’ Roller Derby.  It was an exceedingly LONG game due to a serious injury (one girl broke her ankle, severely enough that she needed surgery the next morning to have some pins and plates put in).  We were delayed about 20 minutes for that waiting for the paramedics to come.  We have first aid/first responders at our bouts, but no ambulance.  Poor girl.  Then we were near the end and all the lights went out.  It took another 15 minutes for someone to turn the lights back on.  Every time we had a delay, we had to warm up again, etc. etc.  It was somewhat disjointed and did mess with us all a little bit.  The final score was Regina 239, us 209.  That’s very close in derby terms.  If you translate it to a hockey score, it would be like an 8-7 game.  Some photos:

These are from someone’s flickr page:

Regina's Rockin Roller Derby 2
I’m in the middle (second white shirt from right) and am trying to block the black skater from blocking my jammer.

Love this one:

Regina's Rockin Roller Derby 25
we have built a strong wall, we are touching, no one on my team is straggling or left behind. Perfect! We are keeping the black jammer (with star on helmet) from getting past us and scoring points.

These next photos are courtesy of Rob Vida Photography in Regina.  They can be seen at his Facebook page here.

in the middle, purple helmet

It was a well-matched game.

Overkill Bill was our bench wench:

that’s my gimlet eyeball

We had a guest bench coach help us out.

she gave us so much insight and kept us focused

even when things got intense:

and then:

frame up! No, not really. I got sent to the penalty box because I had 4 minors.

Love this one, too:

We have our next bout in Saskatoon on December 1st.  That should be fun.  I’m not sure, but I think it will be a double-header.  It’s a great venue to play at and great to watch, too.  In addition to our practices and bouts, the league has been doing a lot of community events and fundraising:  three days at a local “his and hers” show, hockey games, fashion shows (2!), etc.  Plus we have gone to two other games and acted as “NSOs” (non-skating officials, like scorekeepers, penalty timers, line trackers, etc.  People probably don’t realize that roller derby is completely volunteer driven, people giving of their time and skills.  No one gets paid a wage.

After I finished the West Coast Sunset socks, I started knitting a skirt.  The pattern is the Churchmouse Simple Straight Skirt and I’m using my favourite Cascade 220 Heathers, “galaxy” #4006.

working down the front

The skirt is started in the round with the waist band.  It is knit with a provisional cast on and an inside facing, then the band is joined leaving a small gap for the wide elastic to be put in after.  Then the back and fronts are worked flat and seamed later to give some structure and shape.

close up of the waist band and facing

Rufie continues to settle in.  Such a goofy boy.  He won’t sleep with us on the new bed at night, but he will jump up during the day.  At night he sleeps on a super comfy bed I got specifically for our bedroom.  It’s right at the foot of our bed, so I’ll look out and see at least one white paw waving in the air at the foot of the bed.

Rufie hanging out in my office and having NO idea where that horrible stench came from.

Ava loves “her” new bed.

Ava enjoys our new king-sized bed, both day and night.

If I make the bed in the a.m. it isn’t long before she’s in there, nesting and making a big mess of it all until the down pillows are -just- right for her to snuggle into her fortress.  Then I won’t see/hear from her for hours.

I started a new contract at work on November 1 for another year.  We have lots to keep us busy, and no end in sight.  I just remind myself that a person can only do so much during a day’s work.  I put my 8 hours in and try not to work past that.


2 thoughts on “something’s gotta give”

  1. My Sapphire used to nest in my bed like that. It was good incentive for me to keep her toenails clipped otherwise my sheets would get rips in them from all her “nesting.”

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