ha! I forgot to title this post.

I have eked out some knitting time:

the skirt is half done here (but I’ve got about 1/3 of the other half done by now!)

I also knocked out a cute new hat.  This yarn is Wisdom Yarns Poem Silk.  The pattern is the Nola Cloche (Rav link).

Nola Cloche 1
I love that button! I got it at Button Button in Vancouver.


Nola Cloche 3
I guess you could also wear it with the button closer to the front.

All’s well in the greyhound department:

the weather has been much colder and windier. Good for snuggling in bed.


speckle belleh nice and warm!


Oh Rufie. He gets so unsettled when Ava occupies the bed on the left. He’ll pace and whine and finally sit disgruntled on the right side bed until she leaves for the couch.

We’ve been practice diligently at roller derby.  We have our last bout of the year next Saturday (Dec 1) in Saskatoon.   You can buy advance tickets online here.  We play first vs. the Rockettes, then the two SRDL house teams will play each other.  Should be a great double header!

There’s even a You Tube trailer!

We are the NorSask Diefen-Break-Hers and we’ll be playing the team in pink in the video.  (The video was taken when the “other” PA team played the Rockettes).  WooT!


3 thoughts on “ha! I forgot to title this post.”

  1. So sorry we missed the bout. I was in Buckeye, where sadly, I did not have to wear socks for a whole week. How did the team do?

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