Roller Derby Update

In my last post, I had mentioned our bout that we played on December 1.  It was memorable for several reasons.  First of all, it was on the first year anniversary of my league.   My league had been formed from four skaters from another league in the city and from those four girls, it had grown over the year to our present membership.  Secondly, this was our first game where we filled the 14 spot roster with all NorSask skaters.  Our previous two official bouts we had to pick up three skaters (first bout) and one skater (second bout).  Thirdly, we had the guidance, skill and knowledge of a guest coach, the legendary Coach Lime out of Edmonton.  He gave us an abundance of strategy and techniques that we will keep and work forward with.

The best gift Coach Lime gave us was a calm and orderly bench.  At our last bout in Regina, the bench was a bit disorganized and if anyone got a penalty, it threw the line up into disorder and slight panic ensued.  With his paperless line up system, Coach Lime rocked our world!  It made such a huge difference in the team’s morale and attitude.

2012-12-15 16.46.15
nosey O’Scary looking to see what the time out was all about


2012-12-15 16.48.13
starting the jam on the line

We were playing the SRDL Rockettes, which is their rookie team.  They got frustrated and then ended up getting penalties, which in turn generated more frustration.  Staying out of the penalty box wins games.

2012-12-15 16.46.35
time out …

Whistle blows:

2012-12-15 16.49.44
we’re all scrambling on the line, c’mon jammer, get through!

We won by a sizable lead, 286 to 44.  I felt bad for the other team’s quite visible frustration and annoyance.

2012-12-15 16.44.45
I like our black shirts better than the white

December is an “off” month for structured practices.  Everyone is busy with Christmas stuff, kids, etc.  Overkill Bill and I (and others) have still gone to skate during our regular practice times.  We have also had a few fundraising commitments this month for derby as well (and another on Monday and the following Sunday).

I am thinking about upgrading my skates; I have the boots coming in the mail and if they fit okay, I will send them back to Rollergirl to get my chosen plates, wheels, bearing and toe stops assembled.  I have my work bonus waiting to be spent and these would be great.  I would keep my current skates as outdoor skates for now.


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