The Rufus Report

So Rufie has been with us three months now.  He is quite comfortably settled in.  These past couple of weeks he has learned of the comfort of the couch.


Ava was not happy about this development. There were a few instances of him being on the couch, her jumping up and getting growled at. So Momma had to step in and settle things. Once he figured out if he was being snotty, he was asked to leave the couch – his attitude improved.

Mr. Innocent and Ms. “Take that, ya big galloot”


She’s back there looking at me, isn’t she …


all appearances aside, she’s also a shit disturber

Ava has not been blameless in this entire thing, though. She’d taken to lying in the exact centre of BOTH living room beds. Rufie would pace around and around; he prefers the left bed and couldn’t lie down there.

take what he can get

Better than the hard floor, I suppose.

we are all still quite enjoying the king size bed

And since these photos were taken, that last bastion has also been breached by Rufus.

everyone is comfortable


that speckled belleh!


look deeeep into my eyes …

He has become accustomed to wearing his coat whenever he goes outside now that it’s quite cold.  And he’s figured out (finally) that he needs to go out and do his business first, then lollygag around.  He was going out, gazing at the snowflakes, sniffing the air, and by the time he got around to doing his business, his feet would be freezing and he’d just collapse.  So now he’s much more efficient.  He also told us quite plainly that he preferred NOT to be made to wear booties.  Just like Apollo.  Ava, however, loves her “running shoes”.

He is now also a big fan of the electric blankets.

I took this with my phone camera the other night:

melting greyhounds

So all is well in greyhound haven.  They are coping with the cold weather, they are getting along fine, with a little guidance from Momma.


4 thoughts on “The Rufus Report”

  1. He is sooo beautiful and he makes Ava look so tiny. I’m so glad he has settled in with you.

    And from the melting greyhounds picture it looks like his speckled belleh goes pink when he is warm, like our Tigger.

  2. I so enjoy reading about the relationship dynamics of your two beautiful creatures. I only have one greyhound, but he does a good job of taking up every comfortable space in my house.

    I have to say Eva does a good job of looking completely innocent and stunned that you would allow such disrespect of her place in the pack!

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