How can we be this close to the end of the year?!

Because this year flew by for me.  Crazy.

We had December off from structured derby practices, but we still had our skating times at the rink.  We managed to get out there a few times a week, working around our other derby obligations (fundraising and events).  This was taken Thursday night:

O’Scary takes out Overkill Bill – ha!

It’s really dark in there, so not the greatest pic – my phone usually takes great pics.  Those capris are DerbySkinz and the colour is “flat plum”; however, it’s pretty shiny and glittery.  Our helmet covers are from the same company and we have a certain shade of purple (flat purple).  When I ordered, they were out of the purple and suggested the plum.  It’s still way shiny-ier than I am comfortable with!  :-$

We spent a quiet Christmas, very low key.  We established our own tradition of going out for Chinese food Christmas Eve, then having a quiet night in.  Lovely.  The big fella and the hounds got me a fab new Roots bag for my gift.  I got him a PS3 game system that he’s been wanting for a long time, but would never buy.  Bonus is the Netflix capability, so we can stream movies and tv shows.  I graciously allowed him to put it in the living room upstairs instead of down in the cold family room.  🙂

Earlier in the week, the big fella brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers:

something in this bouquet is making me sneeze!

Work has been particularly challenging the past six weeks or so, and last week was exceptionally crappy.  What a nice treat.

I have been working on my “Pull Me Over” sweater and am working on the sleeves right now.

taken a few days ago; the body is now complete

That’s a nice shot of the colour of the yarn.  I have one skein left for the sleeves and I know I won’t be able to make long sleeves.  I was thinking of a 3/4 or bracelet length sleeve, but I have been looking on the pattern page on Ravelry and the cap sleeve version is really cute, too.

This is a really easy knit, but the pattern does have some gaps for assumptions.  In particular, the instructions for the short rows for the sleeves are lacking.  It mentions that the designer used German short rows, but doesn’t give complete instructions for them.  If I’m paying for a pattern, I don’t think I should have to look all over the internet to find a specific instruction that should be contained in the pattern.  There were other little things in the pattern that also bug me and might mess up a less experienced knitter.

I have some updated photos of the battle of the couch for Rufus, but they are on Facebook and I haven’t had time to upload to flickr.  You can see the album here.  That’s supposed to be a public link. Oh wait – that will only work if you have a Facebook account. 😦

well, he “seems” comfortable

I will be glad to wrap the year, start my new planner notebook for 2013 and get back to regular, hard hitting and grueling derby practices.  I need to find more time to eat better and get more sleep.  Gah.  It’s always the same.


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