gratuitous greyhound photos

We had our friends from further north stop by last night.  We had a fabulous steak supper then they stayed over with us.

Unfortunately, they lost their lovely girl, Elsa, a couple of weeks ago to heart disease.  She was almost 12.  So Ruby is back to being a single child:

beautiful Ruby!

This was her first meeting with Rufus. After a couple of curled lips when he was too rambunctious, they settled in nicely.

of course the Princess observes from her throne on high

Greyhounds are just happier when they’re with other greys.

Ruby discovered the two electric blankets turned to “high” underneath the comfy quilt.

Oh, Rufie:

Rufie and his two ‘cougars’


I’m pretty sure this was after supper, when the steak leftovers were hand delivered

Ha – our friends:

they understand; they’re greyhound peeps

Ruby was unusually tolerant of Rufie.

OCD Rufie prefers the left side of the dog beds and managed to wiggle his way onto it.


reasonably content

Some stuffy shenanigans this morning:

Rufie’s giving me the “momma?! why are you allowing this” look

(I was sitting off to his right and not taking this photo)

9 stuffies on a greyhound

Our friends had another 2.5 hour drive ahead of them, so they left about 11 this morning.

are they gone?

Family time the other night:

a little squished on the couch. They were more comfy when the big fella moved.

And some artsy fartsy:

pensive Ava, perhaps contemplating the year of 2012?

Even though it’s New Year’s Eve, we are not going out.  We usually don’t, it’s not a big deal for us.  I am going to spend some time trying to figure out how to get more sleep, plan our meals and eating better and still meet my work and derby commitments.  And perhaps have some knitting time each day.  Oh, I finished knitting the Pull Me Over and have to weave in the ends.  Maybe a photo tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “gratuitous greyhound photos”

  1. The black and white of Ava is beautiful. She looks very regal and a wee bit annoyed that you dare to capture her beauty. Diva!

  2. I laughed when you said the dogs were more comfortable after the Big Fella moved. That works with smaller dogs, too. (Wallace)

    Happy New Year to you and the whole gang!

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