Some knittin’

I finished the Pull Me Over sweater.  I did the cap sleeves and I think it turned out really nice.

I can’t believe it’s done!

“turn to the left”

side garter panel with waist shaping


and the back


pretty happy how it turned out

I started on December 5 and finished December 29.  Wow, that’s a record for me these past couple of years.  It was a quick knit, interesting construction.  The Pull Me Over (Ravelry pattern link).

I had 80 grams of yarn left over, so the other night I decided to knit a hat with it.  I’d had this pattern for a while, but never got around to trying it.  The Windschief hat:

white balance is off; the yarn is really like the sweater photos.

Weird how the lighting and yarn makes my eyes look green in that photo.

Windschief crown
crown shaping

I found a tip on one of the Rav project pages for doing the decreases: instead of a bulky k3tog, I did: k2tog, slip that stitch back to left needle, slip the stitch to the left of k2tog over the k2tog st, then move slipped stitch to right needle.

front view


side view

Cute pattern as well.  The set up for the decrease rounds is a bit fussy.  I found this on a Ravelry project page:

Knit x stitches, where x is 25% of the total stitches minus 1. Place marker. Knit y stitches, where y is 25% of the total stitches. Place marker. Continue in pattern to end of round, and move end-of-round marker one stitch to the right when complete. You should now have an equal number of stitches between each marker.

That worked well.  Here’s the Ravelry pattern page for Windschief.

In between the sweater and the hat, I started some socks.  I’d long been wanting to try the two socks at a time, one inside the other trick.

regular sock?

– or –

::gasp:: super secret Ninja socks!

While it is a cool technique and eliminates second sock syndrome, you really have to pay attention because if you mix up your yarn, you’ll end up knitting the two sock sides together.  After I worked about an inch of the leg after the ribbing, I decided to put them on separate needles.  Knitting is my stress reliever (as well as derby!), and doing this technique was not relaxing!

Today my new skates came in the mail:

Riedell 495s with Revenge plates

They are a narrower boot than my first skates.  I’ll break them in (wear my old ones for half the practice) and they’ll feel like old friends in no time.  I still need to tape up the toes to protect them.


3 thoughts on “Some knittin’”

  1. What a lovely sweater! Who’s the grump in the first picture? I wouldn’t want to mess with her, roller skates or no.

    Revenge plates? What the heck are you into?

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