sooo busy, but lots of good stuff to tell you about!

just not today. 😦  Maybe by the weekend I can get a proper blog post up.  In the mean time, I got to meet Bing!!

perpetual motion machine, until he drops into a deep sleep!


Even though he chewed on my best reading glasses and kept trying to get into my suitcase and my purse, I love him a lot.


10 responses

  1. I thought he looked like a Whippet! What a cutie! Does he belong to Ande? A friend in England used to have a white Whippet years ago. Hug Bing for me!

    • Well, I would have to have left behind either my Fluevogs or yarn to get him in there. So he’s lucky. He’s pretty cute, but not THAT cute! LOL!

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