That’s another two weeks gone (warning, mondo-long entry ahead!)

And I’m amazed we’re into February already.  Time needs to slow down.  We were gone all day yesterday for a roller derby rules clinic in Saskatoon and today we have to go out this afternoon for derby tasks.

Work and derby continue to keep me insanely busy.  I had thought after the new year things might slow down/settle a bit, but it hasn’t happened yet.

A lot of our derby work is off the track – i.e. fundraising and community events.  Here is one from a weekend ago:

R U Tuff Enough – Derby Girls (and Guys) do security

We worked an amateur boxing night event to raise funds for our team.  We have also been selling raffle tickets (the big fella and I need to go for 3.5 hours this afternoon to put in our time) and are in the process of planning our first HOME BOUT.  So that in addition to 6 hours of practice time a week doesn’t leave me a ton of free time.

A couple of weeks ago, I made a quick weekend trip (i.e. 48 hours) to Vancouver to visit Ande and for us to work on a project together.  We are auditioning to go on The Amazing Race: Canada!!  We love that show and always said we’d apply for it, if they ever allowed Canadians.  Well, they now are, and we are!  The race will take place in May, I believe, and will take place in Canada (so not world-wide like the American version of the race).  I think our country is amazing and there will be lots of interesting places and challenges.

The deadline for applications is February 28 and as I understand, it’s “don’t call us, we’ll call you” if we are interesting enough to them.

I filmed some parts of the “tape” here before I went to Vancouver, then we filmed a bunch together there.  Still had time to hit up the Fluevog store and yarn store, as well as have some nice tasty meals out.  (Girls gotta eat!)  No Memphis Blues BBQ this time, though. 😦

Even if nothing comes of it, we had a hilarious time with our filming and interview ideas.  Here is one of the outtakes:

Ande has a lot of editing to do.  Our “interview” part alone was over 13 minutes.  The total length of the video to be submitted is 3.

I had the pleasure of meeting young Master Bing.  He’s pretty adorable!  He went to his puppy class and graduated!  (We are so proud!)

The Graduate

I understand he’ll be continuing his schooling.

He’s a real snuggler and slept with me Saturday night.  Under the covers.  With a lammy toy.

Der Bingle

And I was so happy to see lovely Ella doing well.  She’s such a beautiful old lady.  14, soon to be 15!

Ella Fanella

As I said, we hit up a yarn store or two and I bought more yarn.  I need to have more TIME to knit all my lovely yarn.  I got a lot more sock yarn, and a couple of skeins of chunky and worsted.  I made a hat:

Sweet Georgia Superwash Chunky in “knit social 2012” colourway


this is pretty true colour reproduction

This is the “TriPeaks Hat” by Wooly Wormhead.  Free pattern!  I just kept knitting until I ran out of yarn.  You don’t cast off at the top, you just use a crochet bind off to create the three peaks.


Super cute!  I really love Sweet Georgia yarn – I have tons of the sock yarn.  This ^^ is the superwash chunky.  (I also have a sweater’s worth of the superwash chunky  in “blackberry”  ˅ that I will use soon.)


I have a pattern in mind for that and have it printed off and ready: the Oatmeal Pullover. Just need time!  Actually, I’ve bought and/or downloaded a ton of really interesting patterns lately.  I need to set aside knitting time, I guess, just like any other thing I want to get done.

I also have started another hat with some yarn I got in Vancouver; actually I started one hat pattern, then ripped it out in favour of another.  I am still working on my socks – however, I did separate the two layers.  I think it’s an awesome idea to knit them both, one inside the other, but BOY, do you have to pay attention!!

The poopers are doing fine.  The winter has seemed particularly cold, so walks have been limited severely.  Ava has no interest in going out if it’s much past -10

sunny, but cold walk in the park

Rufie will go out in the back yard and run amok from time to time.  He’s only three, so has lots of energy to burn.  We had been letting him take his soccer ball out until it conked him pretty hard in the head.  It was frozen solid.  Poor boy!

This is the usual state of affairs around here:

Rufie encroaches … and cockroaches!

Ava celebrated her birthday yesterday – 9 years old!  She has taken to snuggling up next to me all night long, and I have to make sure her fleece blanket is tucked around her.  She’s very comfortable in her leisurely life.


I’ve been taking more photos, but they usually end up on Facebook because it’s easier/quicker.  Hit me up if you’re not already on my friends list.

Amazing Race Team Pose!

So what else … work still super busy.  BUT I have a new assistant starting in the next week, so hopefully some of that stress and craziness will lessen.  Hope so. I’m confident it will.

I haven’t had time to do any cooking or baking lately.  After this next week, I hope to have time to sit down and do some planning.  I am learning I must ruthlessly plan my “down” time or the time gets away from me.  I hope that next weekend I will have no commitments or plans and can just stay home and relax.


5 thoughts on “That’s another two weeks gone (warning, mondo-long entry ahead!)”

  1. OMG The Amazing Race will be – amazing! I hope you and Ande get the chance to take part. It would be so much fun to watch two people that I have “known” for so many years. Nice to see a pic of Ella and of course deBINGle! The Poopers look fantastic as usual and hope that Rufie’s head is ok now (his soccer ice-ball). Best to you and Bill and all the four-footeds.

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