Is it over?

On Friday I packed up seven files that I had been working on for months and months.  Six of them had to be submitted as a unit and some of them I had brought back from Beijing … in June last year.  Wow.  They had been all-consuming.  If I wasn’t working on them, I was worrying and stressing about them.  I am -so- glad they are out of my office now.

I haven’t had a lot of time for knitting these past months.  But I did finish a few small things:

socks, finally

These are the socks that I started using the “sock inside a sock” double knitting technique.  I did the dk technique for the cuff and about an inch into the leg(s).  Then I put them back on double points because it was taking too much brain power to keep the two layers separate.  Then I put them on two circulars and that method is quite quick and hassle free.  The yarn is Sweet Georgia Tough Love in “snapdragon”.  The Ravelry page is here.

I had seen a cute kid’s hat pattern on Ravelry and I had some lovely worsted weight yarn that I got on my quick weekend in Vancouver, so I upsized it and knit this:

2013-02-07 09.15.26
Aviator-style hat

The Ravelry project page is here.  I had finished the hat, then later added i-cord to the ear flaps.  It’s a really cute hat!  I can wear the flaps up or down.  The yarn is Indigo Moon worsted merino and I love the tonal dye effect.

I was digging around in my office and found some lovely Malabrigo that I had bought on a trip to Tofino ?? some years ago.  I cast on for a watch cap:

wide cuff watch cap

This is one of my …. I hesitate to call it “my pattern”, because it’s just variations on other hat patterns.  I knit the ribbed cuff quite long so then the hat can be worn with the brim unfolded and it becomes a slouch hat, or you can fold it and it’s a “proper” watch cap.  I love knitting these and I don’t know how many I’ve made!

brim folded

The Ravelry project page is here.

While in Vancouver I picked up some more sock yarn.  This is Sweet Georgia and the colourway is “maple”.  The photo was a smart phone/camera photo with no flash, so it is showing more yellow than in real life.  Still a great colourway and I like how the bands of colour are knitting up.

sweet georgia socks
2 socks on 2 circs

The Ravelry project page is here.

So other than work stressing me out and consuming my life, roller derby has been very busy, too.  We had December “off” from structured practices, but the big fella and I (and assorted others) kept going three times a week to skate.  January we started back with “attendance required” practices.  Our big news is that we are hosting our first “home bout” (up to now we have always played away) on April 27.

The Facebook event page is here.  There is so much planning and so many details that we need to work out and be on top of.  My task for today is to take all the little scraps of paper and sticky notes that I have accumulated over the past couple of weeks and get organized and get our “master planning list” updated and ready for practice tomorrow.

Rufie and Ava are surviving.  Barely.  I bought a new sectional couch that will seat 7 people (or two people and two greyhounds in a tight squeeze).  It won’t be here until about April 10th, but because I didn’t want to have to put our current couch/love seat/chair set out on the deck if it didn’t sell by the time the new couch arrived, I put it up for sale on kijiji.  I thought it might take a while to sell.  I  listed it on a Thursday night after derby practice, and it was sold and carted away by 3 pm Saturday afternoon.  We had an extra lazy boy recliner in the basement, so we moved that up into the living room, but it’s too unsteady for a scardey-hound to jump on.  ::sad faces::  So the hounds come into the living room, look at the two chairs, whine about no couch and then retreat back to the king size bed.

fruitlessly looking for the furniture delivery truck

Rufie’s ears speak a language all their own.

I just sometimes don’t know the translation!

Back in better times:

so happy together … on the COUCH

Although we did manage a snuggle while we watched a movie the other night:

she grudgingly settled in

I should also add that I have decided to change my derby name.  We were getting down to the deadline to order “proper” jerseys for the team and it was crunch time – keep Terri O’Scary or switch to my second choice (which was fast becoming my favourite):  Cranky Busterchops.  So I switched it!

it’s official, now!

5 thoughts on “Is it over?”

  1. Our greyhound has very communicative ears, too. He almost always has one up and one down. We definitely understand the hungry ears-both up and leaning to one side and the full alerts- up as high as they will go and plastered together to the tips. It cracks me up.

  2. Such a freeing feeling to finally wrap up an all-consuming project. Whew! The greys are master curlers. We have a 5 seat plus chaise, and we routinely get the entire family (2 people and 4 pups), no problem.

  3. Kinda rude to sell the couch so quickly, dontcha think? Poor poopers; you have messed with their universe.

    Nice knitting- I’m glad work is looking a little less all-consuming. You should retire and then it could be “all knitting and derby, all the time”.

  4. Just a question: Would you grant permission to sell the completed Blissful Moss Rib Dishcloth giving you credit for the pattern design?

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