Derby Headache

This weekend we watched a lot of derby on an internet live feed. The stress of it gave me a headache! Awesome games, but there was a nailbiter or two.

We are hard at work planning our home bout on April 27th. There’s a LOT of work that goes into it. Our previous bouts were away bouts, so we basically just showed up and played. We are learning a lot.

Some of the local media came out to a couple of our practices:

– and –

In addition to simply practicing thrice weekly (as usual) to work on strategy and fitness, we are also all putting in many hours with lining up sponsors, working on the program, getting merchandise to sell, lining up all the refs, official and volunteers that are needed to make the bout run smoothly.  I’m keeping good notes and hopefully the next one will be a little smoother.

The big news for the weekend was finally … FINALLY our new couch arrived:

okay, you can recall the GH social services complaint

We had ordered this couch about five weeks ago.  In anticipation of it arriving, and not wanting to have to store the couch/love seat if it was slow to sell, I had listed the couch/love seat on kijiji on a Thursday night after I got home from derby.  By Saturday mid afternoon, it had been bought and trucked away.  We moved two lazy boy recliners from the family room into the living room but the hounds couldn’t sit on them.  They had a wee bit of a rock to them, so too unstable for their long legs.

There was much moaning and groaning and heaving of sighs in the intermittent weeks.  We got a message Thursday night that the couch/sectional had arrived at the warehouse but they couldn’t deliver it until Saturday.  Great – Saturday afternoon they were supposed to deliver it.  We waited.  Watched more derby, waited … and WAITED!!  We called, got transferred to the delivery guy who had no knowledge of anything.  Another phone call or two and finally they found whatever they needed to find and delivered it.  It was set up by 6 pm.

So all is well in the world of the greyhounds.  It is a very comfy and beautiful piece of furniture and room for everyone!

p.s. the two lazy boy recliners were listed on kijiji and sold and out of the house in three hours.

p.p.s. The Amazing Race Canada declined to engage us for their stupid race.  They don’t know what they’re missing. 😦


4 thoughts on “Derby Headache”

  1. The new sectional couch is gorgeous. Very happy hounds now. LOL. That is a total bummer about The Amazing Race. They don’t know what they are missing! You and Ande would have kicked butt and won!

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