We had our inaugural “home” bout on Saturday.  A few months of intense planning, stress, sleeplessness – but it was all worth it.  We had a rookie scrimmage take place first, then our bout was the “main event”.  We hosted the fabulous Saskatoon Roller Derby Killa’ Bees.  It’s fun to play people we ‘know’ and I feel we have a closer relationship with Saskatoon’s league because we go to their bouts, they are always so helpful with anything our league needs (knowledge, skills, refs, etc.)

In addition to a couple of tv story/interviews, we also made the cover of our local newspaper here.  And a follow up story after the bout was here.  The final “official” score was 337 to 281 for the Killa’ Bees.  That’s actually a fairly close game in derby.  We felt we gave our spectators a great game to watch and it was exciting to play.

There’s a set of photos on Shaun Savage Photography’s Facebook page here.  I’m not sure if everyone can see them, you might need a Facebook account.  Here are a couple, photo credit to Shaun Savage.

I assume no responsibility for Yellow 101 falling down. 🙂 (I’m #00)

It can get confusing:

What’s going on here?!

One more:

going backwards

Thanks to our great sponsors, we had new jerseys and nice shiny purple helmets.  I think we looked great.  It was very hectic, very draining, but I feel that it went off very well.  A small glitch here and there, but overall, I am so proud of our league for doing this.

Now to try and get caught up with other things that have been neglected while we were busy bout planning!


2 thoughts on “Success!”

  1. I have to tell you that I’m really enjoying The Amazing Race Canada but would have enjoyed it so much more if you and Ande were in it. What were they thinking?!!

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