I’m still here

but no time for blogging.  Work continues to keep me busy, as well as derby.  And since June I’ve been going to crossfit 3-4 times a week.

I’m still on a hat making binge.  I made a couple more slouchy sock yarn hats (one to tip my tattoo artist – she loved it).  And I discovered this yesterday.  My cute little skirt that I had knit last December, which was a little big on me:

way too big now!

I’m swimming in it.  I’ve lost some inches on my waist and hips and the skirt just falls off.  I need more holes in my belt, too.

So I’m going to cast on and make myself another skirt that will fit (so will go down two sizes from this one above).  I have some purple Cascade 220 that will work nicely for this.

Poopers are all good, the big fella has now burned off all his leave time and is officially retired!

from our recent vacation

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