We had a visitor the other evening.  One of the big fella’s work colleagues has had a greyhound for a few years and they recently were transferred to our city.  So we finally got the hounds together.  They ran around in the yard, Ava tolerated Danny well enough, but Rufie and Danny were hilarious together.  I didn’t have any photos of them outside, though.

Danny on the left and Rufie on the right

Danny’s mom and dad had seen Rufus before and remarked on the similarity.  But seeing them together, it was quite striking how similar they were.

Are you my brother?

Later that evening I looked Danny up on the greyhound database.  Sure enough, they are half-brothers!  They share the same sire.  Danny is two years older than Rufie, but his parents said that he was just as goofie as Rufie when they first got him.  Funny boys!


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