A couple more hats

After a hint or two, I realized I could make a replica hat for the big fella for his birthday present.  I had made the original hat in 2008, I believe.  It was pretty worn looking.  So I made another!

Replacement Hat
Replacement Hat

This is the Chocolate’s Gone to Your Ribs hat pattern, with a few tweaks.  In my knitting binder, I still had the notes from when I made the first version.  I knit the “body” of the hat to 6″, not 8″ as the pattern directs.  I used some Bernat “natural blends” wool blend yarn that I had on hand.

another perfect fit!

I might make another one in different colours, it’s a quick knit and I really like it!

This is the other hat that I couldn’t post before.  I made it for our derby Christmas party gift exchange.  Unfortunately, I had to make do with the poor yarn selection at our local Michaels as I didn’t think ahead far enough to online order some nice wool.

NorSask Roller Derby hat

Rav link here.  Our team colours are purple and bright canary yellow, but I had to sub in the paler “butter” yellow.  If I made another one, I would get some lovely Cascade 220 superwash.  This is my basic “wide brim hat” pattern with our league name in the text banner.

The other day I started knitting a sweater for me, the pattern is “Eeek” and it’s a really interesting top down construction.  I ordered some gorgeous Sweet Georgia Yarns superwash DK (colourway “nightshade”).  I have worked almost to the point where the sleeve stitches are put on hold.  I think the body will be a quick knit past that point.

We have had a quiet Christmas week here.  This was yesterday’s excitement and today was much the same:

watching tv … with their eyes closed

I have a few other projects lined up after the sweater; just need to MAKE the time to knit!



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