More news and updates

How can it have been a month since my last post?!  I intended to write another one before now.

I got ants in my pants to crochet something – anything! – so I tried a hat pattern I’d seen online (Facebook, Pinterest, Ravelry).  It was cute because it had a skull motif, but the pattern was so poorly written, for someone like me who is a fledgling crocheter, I couldn’t figure out what they wanted me to do.  I tried it several times (4 or 5) and gave up.  I searched and found a cute pattern called Little Sister Hat.  It was pretty easy to follow, except I made it too big.  Once I figured that out, I ripped it out and started the smaller size.

“Little Sister” hat pattern

I used some really lovely Madelinetosh “tosh dk” yarn that I’d picked up on holidays last year.  It has really subtle gradations of grey and I quite like it.  I dug around on Pinterest and found directions to make a little flower motif to attach.

There are a couple of other projects I’d like to try.  I’m working on another hat that is constructed with granny squares.  That one was a trial – I started it with some lovely bamboo blend sock yarn but it was so splitty it was driving me mental.  I’ll use the yarn for sock or a hat, but for crocheting it was aggravating me.  I dug out some Regia sock yarn from my stash and that’s working better.

This might end up being a prototype. The colour stripes are blotching in weird places.

I found a pattern for a cute, not too difficult “market” bag using dishcloth cotton.  That’s next, too.  I still have a pair of socks in my knitting basket and that Maeve shrug.  So no shortage of things to work on, just need the time.

Segue – I have given notice at my work-job and will be “retiring” effective October 31.  (So if you know anyone looking for a job that is hyper-organized, super administratively skilled, has dazzling computer skills … ) I am extremely excited and am counting the days.  It will be so nice to have some free time to just sit and knit, if that’s what I choose to do for the day.  The big fella is retired and has his routine, so I think I will be happy as well in my upcoming change in routine!

I’ve been working hard at Crossfit.  Our derby league slows down for most of the summer, but I’ve been busy traveling the province reffing derby.  There is a real shortage of officials (anyone want to put on the quad skates and stripes?!)  I’m currently doing a six-week strength program at our Crossfit and fitting in a couple more WODs a week.  We do some outdoor skates (16 km) and bike rides (25 km) to mix it up.

I decided the take the clippers to my hair a few weeks ago.  I love it!  It’s easy peasy!

Instagram-filtered to death to smooth out the wrinkles!

The poopers are doing fine.  They don’t like the heat and are content to hang out in the air conditioning.  We go for slow ambles with Ava and Rufus and then the big fella will take Rufie out for a longer walk.  Ava is 10.5 and not too interested in long walks.  She has limpy days when her hip seems to bother her, but those are far apart.  Rufie is 5 now and still acts like a silly pup.

playing around with the fish eye lens

I got a new fish eye lens and have had some fun playing with it.  I am looking forward to having more time for photography and using my flickr account more.

Count down is on until our vacation, then when we get back I have only two more weeks of work until I’m “retired”.  Woo!


One thought on “More news and updates”

  1. It’s always good to see you and the fur-kids. Although I’m worse than terrible at keeping my blog up to date, I always seem to take it personally when one of my favorite bloggers takes a hiatus! Congrats on the retirement decision. I’ve had a great career, even feared the day when I’d no longer get up and go to work, but I found out that retirement is where it’s at, baby! I love it! Good luck!

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