Just more dog poop

So the big fella went to Edmonton last week and had supper with some of our greyt friends.  They were fostering a new boy from Dubuque, Iowa.  He was so smitten with this little pup that we had to bring him home!

Welcome home, Chopper!

Roc a By Apache

This fella is only two years old, so still very puppyish.  His racing weight was about 73, so he’ll gain some more as he settles into his retirement.  He’ll likely be Apollo’s size.  He’s just a bit taller than Rufus (and of course towers over Ava).

He is a real sweetie and enjoys the company of Rufus and Ava.  He is still on “track” hours, so 6 a.m. is “everyone should be awake because I am” time.  He has checked out all the toys and played vigorously with them all.  There have been a few casualties that we’ve had to remove for safety reasons.

Exhibit A

Poor Squeaky Chicken was garroted and I was worried about the pieces coming out.

More pics as we get to know him! 


4 thoughts on “Just more dog poop”

  1. This is awesome, Terry!
    I came across the following somewhere on the internet one day and I thinks it applies to all dogs, but of course especially to your place:
    “If you can still see the floor in your living room while all the family is in there, there is still room for more greyhounds!”
    He’s beautiful. Love his ears!
    Tina from Germany currently staying in Indy

  2. Well done for giving him a home where he will be so loved. I look forward to seeing more photos of him and hearing about puppyish antics 🙂

  3. Welcome, Chopper! And it’s good to have you back, Terri!

    He’s a big boy then, with a racing weight of 73lbs! He’s beautiful too!

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