So I Can’t Count

Here I’d been thinking I had only two more weeks of work once we got back from vacation.  D’oh.  No, it’s actually three weeks.  But only 11 work days.  Still, the end is in sight.  I’m sooooo looking forward to November 1.

We enjoyed our stay at Pacific Sands near Tofino.  The weather was mostly quite pleasing.  Only a few part days where it was raining/misty:

The boys needed their rain coats one morning.

Our vacations out here are quite calm and laid back.  We don’t really do anything terribly exciting, just lots of beach walks, wave watching, people watching (the possibilities here are endless), scenic drives, exploring new places and revisiting old to see what has changed since last time.  I really needed some low-keyed days to decompress and relax.

I actually added a section to my day planner/book called “what am I worrying about today” to get all the junky crap out of my mind and to remind myself to not worry about things I can’t change, not to worry about my work while I’m away, and to just let things go.

lazy late afternoon in our suite in between beach walks

The ocean never gets old:

I do love watching ships/boats and sea planes.

The Ocean King, moored in Port Alberni

Ava is a little old lady now and doesn’t like walking too far, nor standing around for too long.

A scenic view in Tofino overlooking the working harbour and the seaway for the float planes.

This pic has been heavily filtered/instagrammed, but I love it:

monochrome and all contrasty!

More beach walking:

No chance of Bill getting lost in the fog.

“but first, let me take a selfie”

Our van’s nav system cracks me up:

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

When it doesn’t know where it is, it freaks out.

And always time for more handstands:

Long Beach handstands! My goal is to do these free standing by next year!

Beach walks!

Long Beach!

So tomorrow we head back over to Vancouver for four nights.  Will love spending some time with my best friend ever, Ande and to see the sights.  There could be Fluevogs and yarn involved.

I have really been missing my crossfit WODs but I think taking a rest from that is okay.  I’d been pushing pretty hard all year, especially the last couple of months.  I’ve been doing some stretching and mobility, but that’s about it.  Foodwise, I’ve tried to be fairly conscious of eating clean, but I indulged in some phenomenal apple pie and of course fries from the fish and chips truck in Tofino!

Can’t be 100% all the time!


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