It’s officially official!

Friday was my last day of work … ever!  I had told my boss in July that when my contract came up for renewal at the end of October that I was going to be taking “retirement” and not renewing.  We did a lot of good work in the 4 years I worked with him.  It was always hectic, various levels of stress, and sometimes frustrating, but I feel good with my work.  I had a week to work with my successor and feel confident handing over the reins to her.

So now what?  I have a lot of chores and things I want to do around the house.  Things that I neglected and just didn’t have time for, then put off with the rationale,”oh, I’ll do that after I’m done work in November”.  Ha. Of course I have a list, so I’ll just get organized and start picking away at it.

I do intend to do more knitting.  A lot more knitting than in the past couple of years.  I’ve made a couple of sock yarn hats since we’ve been back from vacation and I’m still working on a crochet market bag.  I found some really nice sweater patterns and have yarn for those, so I’ll have plenty of projects from which to choose.

I’ve been busy reffing derby both before we went on vacation and since we’ve been back.  On Saturday night, the three games I reffed brought my 2014 total up to 30.  And I have a handful more before the end of the year.

Most of the derby games in Saskatchewan are recorded and televised.  LOL, this (from last Saturday) still makes me laugh and laugh:

Ref face on.  And “no, nope, no, nope”.  My derby name isn’t “Cranky Busterchops” for nothing.  That was during the third game of the day/night.

The weather has (up until this morning) been quite unseasonably warm and no snow.  We’ve had the poopers out for walks on the river path.  Today we are under a snowfall warning – right now it’s just cold drizzle, but expected to turn to snow in the evening hours/overnight.

gah, the sun’s at an awkward angle

I did find one photo on Bill’s phone from our visit in Kelowna.  This was his grandson’s 10th birthday supper at Denny’s (where else?)

Happy birthday!

After three weeks away, it was good (and awful) to get back to crossfit after vacation.  I had good intentions of doing lots of body weight work, stretching, etc. while we were gone, but we just were always doing something else.  Doesn’t hurt to have a complete break from it, but wow, did I feel it when I got back to it.  Happily settled back into my routine.  Our crossfit has also added some mobility classes (concentrated and targeted stretching sessions) so I’m trying to go to those as well.

And back to derby as well.  I’ve been very active reffing this year but our home league has been quiet.  They like to take the summer off from practices (although many of us do trail skates, etc.) and now it’s hard to get people back and interested again.  We are likely looking at a rebuilding year.  We are again starting a “learn to skate” program to try to get people interested.

We got some new skates from to have gear on hand for people to try out:

I love those blue suede skates!

Bill and I were talking yesterday and we’re going to get our ice skates sharpened and try to do that this winter, as well.

Next time I will have some knit content!

Ava and her nose.

3 thoughts on “It’s officially official!”

  1. Going into retirement with some sort of plan is marvelous. Happy knitting, roller-derbying, pooper walking, traveling, etc…!

  2. Congrats and best wishes for your retirement. So far, it’s by far the best job I’ve ever had but it is exhausting! Now that you are retired, you’ll have so much more time to blog?!?

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