One month in …

I was startled to realize yesterday was November 25.  My fourth week of ‘retirement’.  The first week or so it was quite unusual to realize that I didn’t have to think about work files, how to manage my time, or what would be awaiting me when I went back to work, etc.

Over the past year, I’ve had a lot of things that I wanted to get done around the house – organizational stuff, mostly – that I had put off because I had other ways of spending my limited free time.  Moving every five years over the last 30 years has certainly kept any hoarding/pack-ratting at bay, but we’ve been in our current house six years now, and things needed to be sorted and cleared out.  I kept telling myself I’d get to it when I was done work.

So when I was done work, I tried to do ALL the clearing, all at once.  That was no fun.  It’s going to be a process and I’m just going to pick away at it, bit by bit.  I want to still have time to knit and exercise and enjoy being retired.

After a late start to our winter (first “real” lasting snow fell this past weekend), today it was -35°C when I checked at about 10 this morning.

Ava’s ears have disappeared!

Definitely jammie time for Ava.  The boys are too manly to wear them.  Although, they also seem to stay quite warm during the night, whereas Ava gets quite cold and curls up into the smallest ball.  With her jammies on, when I check her during the night her ears are toasty warm and she’s sleeping comfortably.

I’ve been working on some hats, but I didn’t like either a) the pattern, or b) the yarn, so they got ripped out.  I spent some time the other day going through the huge stack of patterns I’d printed off in the past year and organized them, put them in my pattern binders and rediscovered some really cute sweaters, hats and sock designs.  I also want to make myself a new pair of mittens.

Ande and I again put together an audition video for The Amazing Race Canada – Season 3.  I think this is our best video yet and hopefully they will agree!

90 minutes of Skype; had to edit it down to 3 minutes

I’ve also been trying some recipes that I’d collected.  I also had a stack of printed recipes (mostly Paleo/clean) that I wanted to try, when I had time.  I’ve made this one twice in the past month:

Paleo Beef Spare Ribs

The veggies are carrots and parsnips and onion.  The parsnips don’t have a strong flavour, as I thought they might.  After being in the crock pot all day, they are quite mild and tasty.  This will become a staple in our winter kitchen.

I also tried this Paleo Shepherd’s Pie (cottage pie?  which one is which?)  I used clean ingredients and it was delicious.  I have made this one twice, also.  The white fleshed sweet potatoes are better than the  orange.  The second time I made it, I couldn’t find the white, so we used the orange.  A little sweet for my taste.  Still delicious dish, though!

with the white-fleshed sweet potatoes

I have spent the past two days moving into a new laptop.  My old one (almost two years old) had served me well, but being used 12+ hours a day really wore it out.  I have two external hard drives with backed up data that I also am going through to put only the relevant information on the new laptop.  I will keep the ext hdd’s intact, so if I need something, it will be there.

But I would like to get back to my knitting!

I’ve done a bit of reffing in the past month.  Have a triple header this Saturday, then a single scrimmage on Dec 6th, then that’s probably it for a while, other than practices.  Derby in Saskatchewan takes December and January off.  We still skate to keep working on our skills, though.


4 thoughts on “One month in …”

    1. Hi Faith, thanks so much for the heads up. I am sad when I see this happen (it’s happened before) because I made it free so people could keep their hounds warm and not have to pay for the pattern. 😦

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