Five WODs in Five Hours

We had our annual “food bank drive” event at our Crossfit on Saturday.  We worked in teams of two.  For each WOD that we did, we needed to donate an item to the food bank.  I did it last year and it was a lot of fun.  This year was just as fun and challenging.

They did a nice write up in the paper about it, and a photo of me is in the story.  Ugh, not the best form, but we got ‘er done!  That’s supposed to be a push-press.  This was WOD #4 of 5, I think.  Or maybe it was 5.  Oh, right.  This was #5, which included 100 over-the-rig medicine ball throws, then 75 of these push presses, then some other stuff.


We donated almost 400 pounds of food goods to the food bank.  We always have the best events at our Crossfit gym.

Yesterday I was pretty achy.  Today Bill and I went to Crossfit for a workout and it felt good to stretch things out.

Bill has joined our Crossfit now, too!

It was his birthday yesterday and I got him some Crossfit gear to wear when we go.  I hope he finds it as fulfilling as I have the past year and a half.


One thought on “Five WODs in Five Hours”

  1. Happy belated Birthday, Bill. Hope you had a great day. Hoping that 2015 will be a good year for all. Wishing you and Terri a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and of course, not forgetting the Poopers!

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