Some Projects

Now that gifts have been given, I can share them on here.  I loved having time to make a few gifts this year.

The Nola Cloche

other side

Ravelry project page here. I’ve made this hat a few times; it’s a cute pattern.  The red of the yarn is much deeper and bluer than the photos show.  It’s Cascade 220 in #9404.

I made these slippers – another pattern I had wanted to try for a while (funny it’s a similar pattern name).  It calls for a double strand of worsted, but I used a bulky yarn.  The first one I did as the pattern directed (knit flat and seamed) but the second one I adapted and knit in the round.  When I make these again, I will definitely do them in the round.

Nola Slippers

Project page here.  These are very cooshy and comfy.  I will likely make a pair for myself.

I made two cushion covers for dear Ande.  The project page is here.

cushion cover

I made a grey one and a brown one (whippet friendly shades!).

heathery brown

both cushions

If I made this again, I would also knit it in round as much as I could.

Once I was done my obligatory knitting, I started a pair of mittens for myself.  I just finished them tonight:

Springy Ring Mittens

I’ll post better pics when I can get some in the daylight.

We went for a drive the other night and I grabbed my dSLR to snap some pics.  It was interesting!  I’ll have to go out again and try it when I have more time to fiddle with settings and focus.  I liked these:

We have a few old ‘ghost’ signs on some brick buildings in our downtown

Queen’s Bench Court House

I took these freehand with no flash, just ambient light.  So they are grainy, but I like it.

the park at night

I picked up some socks I’d started a while ago, trying toe up, two on one long circular.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep going.  I seem to spend more time sorting out the tangled cable and adjusting the stitches on the needle than actually knitting.  We’ll see.


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