I finished these a couple of days ago, but didn’t get any photos until this morning.

Springy Ring Mittens (worsted)

The yarn is Crystal Palace Mochi Plus that I think I got on our vacation last year.  Ravelry project page is here.

the articulated horizontal ribbed cuffs. Love these!


love the cuffs!

I had been working on those toe-up on one/two circular socks, but last night after mindlessly knitting on them a few days, I realized that 1) the cast on was too narrow (8/8 stitches – not wide enough); and 2) I wasn’t particularly enjoying fiddling with the long cable of the needle, etc.  I ripped them out last night and will decide what to do about that.  I do want to try the technique, but I can see I need to refine a few parts of it.  So for now, I will knit some slippers or mittens and decide which sweater I want to start next, and then decide about the socks.



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