Hat Kick

I’ve been making a few hats using left over bits of sock yarn.  I have some great sweater patterns that I want to try, but right now I’m in a minimizing/culling/clearing out of the house mode.  So for now, left overs!

Fibonacci Hat with left over Sweet Georgia Yarns “Tough Love” sock yarn

I followed the Fibonacci sequence until close to the top.  I didn’t want a wide band of one colour for the crown decreases, so I winged it.

Sweet Georgia again and Estelle Sock it to Me.

The solid grey was a little thinner, but it still worked up okay.

Sweet Georgia (again!) and the charcoal is Sisu.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with these hats, but I love knitting them!

Derby season is in full swing; I’ve been busy going to practices (1.5 hour drive away).  Got a sweet new (to me) set of wheels that gets great gas mileage!  And my reffing partner and I take turns driving, so it’s been going well.  First game to ref is next Saturday and my calendar is pretty full from then until the end of November.

2013 1/2 Chrysler 200S

We had a nice glimmer of spring last week and got all three poopers out on the river trail for a long walk.  Poor Ava.  At least I didn’t have to carry her this time.

Loving the sunshine

And in other news, I received the worst haircut of my life last week.  So I buzzed it all off.  Again.  Back to square one!  Meh, it’s only hair and it will grow back.


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