Pretty busy being retired

I realized this morning that it’s been six months since I retired.  I am busy every day, or at least as busy as I want to be.  Now that derby season is in full swing, I’ve been traveling a lot for that, as well as keeping up my Crossfit goals.

I’ve still been plunking away making hats and using up odds and ends of sock yarn.  I really liked the looks of this one, so decided to keep it for myself.

This was with Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock Yarn and some OnLine Supersocke 100 “vintage” colour.  Project page is here.  My main Ravelry project page is here; there are other hats I’ve made that I haven’t posted here.  I wasn’t sure what main project I wanted to do next, so I have just kept on making hats.

Last night I started a new project, the Lush cardigan using some Rowan Felted Tweed I had from a trip to Vancouver a few years ago.  The gauge isn’t quite right, but I think I can adapt using a size larger’s stitch counts.  We’ll see!  I plan to make it long sleeved (or 3/4, I haven’t decided yet) and to do waist shaping and have it button all the way.  The pattern starts with a knitted lace band that is incorporated into the yoke.  Very interesting!

I’m looking forward to a few weeks from now when I’ll get to go to Vancouver for a long weekend to spend with Ande. It’s looking like we won’t be making our fall trip to the West Coast, so I’m going to take a quick flight out by myself.  We’re going to hit up a Terminal City Roller Girls double-header on the Saturday night, so that will be FUN!

We’ve been having a slow spring.  It seemed it would be cold and blustery forever, but then the snow melted.  We had a few days of quite pleasant weather.  Then about 10 days ago we had a storm front come through, dumping a ton of heavy, wet snow on us.  Then two days later it was +26°C.  Oh, Saskatchewan!


So I’ve been traveling to my new derby league in Saskatoon at least once a week for practices and events.  Such a good decision.  I’m learning so much, getting lots of experience and increasing my reffing skill set.  My little car is getting good gas mileage so it’s not killing my budget.  We reffed at a local game a few weeks ago (I should have been in bed; I had a horrible ear infection and no balance, but I didn’t want to miss it!) and the season “home” opener for the league is next Saturday (the 16th).  That should be a lot of fun and I can’t wait!

We’ve been out for a few bike rides on our Rotary Trail, but we haven’t had our skates out yet.  It’s been super windy and it is not as fun when you’re battling a head wind.  I hope to get out there soon, though.

The poopers are doing fine.  We’ve been brushing them a lot as they are shedding.  Rufus seems to shed the most.  White dogs.  Apollo was the same way – thick and lots of shedding.  Chopper’s coat is quite sleek (like Sabrina in that way) and Ava’s a little coarser, but not too bad.  When we get a good hot day, we’ll give them all a bath on the back deck and that will get the last of the shedding.

if you look closely, you can see Rufie's tail just about to be chomped.
if you look closely, you can see Rufie’s tail just about to be chomped.

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