Actual Yarn and Knitting Content!

When we last checked in, knittingwise I was on a hat kick.  I didn’t really know what I wanted to work on, so just to have something at hand, I was using up bits and ends of sock yarn and making hats.  I had a few sweater patterns I had found on Pinterest and Ravelry that I was interested in trying, so I went through my yarn and found a suitable choice.

The pattern is Tin Can Knit’s “Lush” Cardigan (Ravelry link). Very interesting design in that you start by working a narrow lace panel which becomes the foundation for the yoke, then the neck/collar is worked from one long edge and the sleeves and body are worked from the other.

The yarn I chose was slightly different weight than what the pattern calls for (I’m using Rowan Felted Tweed DK).  I did a couple of gauge swatches and determined that to get the size and fit I wanted, I was going to have to use the stitch counts for the medium size but the length/row measurements for the small.

I finished the yoke panel and it seemed very long.  After blocking it was even longer.  Many of the pattern notes on Ravelry said not to worry, that it would all work out, etc. so I kept going.  It was difficult to tell until I had knit a considerable amount of the body if it was going to be okay.  I won’t know 100% for sure until I get the button bands done, but it seems like it will all work out in the end.

the yoke with upper body and neckband completed
the yoke with upper body and neckband completed

The pattern does incorporate some waist shaping, but I preferred to use the shaping that I had used on my Flax pullover, so I did so here.  It is so flattering!

All was going along swimmingly, until I finished the first sleeve:

it’s supposed to be a 3/4 sleeve but it’s too tight!

I had assumed that because the Flax sweater fit so well without tweaking the sleeve circumference, etc. that this would be the same.  I hadn’t even given it a thought as I knit the sleeve.  I decided to continue and knit the second sleeve and see how it felt.  It was during the second sleeve that I realized I had misread the pattern and where it said “knit even for four inches”, I had interpreted that to say “knit even for four rounds“.  Duh.  No wonder it fit poorly.  The sleeve was narrowing right from the armscye and couldn’t accomodate my Crossfit/popeye biceps.

I completed the second sleeve and it fits very nicely, so I have ripped out the first sleeve and am in the process of reknitting it correctly.  I haven’t any buttons picked out yet for this.  There’s not much of a selection where I live, so I may look on etsy to see if I can find something suitable and appealing.

We hit up a couple of my favourite yarn stores in Vancouver, Three Bags Full and Baaad Anna’s.  I have enough sweater yarn in my stash right now (earmarked for specific projects) so I looked mostly at sock yarn.  I’m mentioning it here because I will want to know months later what yarn I got in case I wind it up and lose the labels.

This is Madelinetosh ToshDK that I got for Tin Can Knits Prairie Fire sweater.

I have five skeins of it, the colour is Citrus.

I found a new-to-me sock yarn at Three Bags Full:

Biscotte & Cie, a yarn company out of Quebec.

Great self-striping yarns – I’m really looking forward to using these!

stocked up on some Sweet Georgia Yarns “Tough Love” sock yarn (plus a skein in “lemon curd”)

and some SGY Cashluxe Fine. Soooo cooshy!

I haven’t decided what I’ll start next, once I’ve finished the Lush cardigan.  I still have one sock yarn hat that it in progress, plus I started knitting a shawl so that I had “travel” knitting for my trip, but I haven’t made a lot of progress on that.  I really dislike having a bunch of projects underway at the same time, so quite possibly I will finish those two off before starting something new.

The poopers are doing fine – the boys enjoy going for walks and romps in the back yard and Ava enjoys sleeping on the couch and our bed.  We had Ava and Rufus in for their annual vet appointments last week and they’re both doing great.  Rufie does need to go in for a dental tomorrow, but that is unavoidable.  He just has genetically bad teefers.

I have been doing some work around the house in culling and minimizing and reorganizing, I go to Crossfit four or five times a week, and at least once a week I’m out for derby for several hours.  (Did I mention that I joined the Saskatoon league?)  So busy, busy, busy!  I was at a derby tournament on the weekend and had a great time, learned a lot and got more reffing an officiating experience.

Cranky in action!
Cranky in action!

I know I haven’t been posting much on here; I’m much more active on Facebook (which I prefer to keep to people whom I actually know) but also on Instagram, which you can follow here, if you feel bereft of pooper pics 😀


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