Some traveling, some knitting

I’ve been pretty busy the past month or so.  Roller derby season in full swing, getting things done around the house, and a couple of trips.  I’m going to break this up into a couple/three posts.

I had a great visit in Vancouver to see Ande.

My ride! Beautiful day for flying.

I left here Thurs a.m. and came back Monday afternoon. I much prefer to fly WestJet.  I’ve had bad experiences any time I’ve flown with Air Canada.  WestJet has changed some of their pricing platforms and policies, so if you want to have any leg room, be prepared to pay for the “plus” seating.  In my opinion, completely worth it.  You get to board first, disembark first, if you choose the plus seating when getting your ticket, you then don’t have to pay the baggage fee (for one bag), plus you get complementary food/beverage service on the flight.

Crazed best friends, together again!

On Friday, we lucked out on the weather (again) and had a beautifully sunny but cool day for two x three hour bike tours.  The one in the morning was around downtown and Stanley Park and the Seawall.  The one in the afternoon was Gastown, False Creek, Chinatown, etc.  The tour was provided by Vancouver Bike Tours and Jeremy was a fantastic guide.  Very knowledgeable and knew all the current events and activities in the city, as well as the history.  He also saved my Rayban sunglasses that fell into the koi/turtle pond at the Chinese gardens.

The “old” law courts building.

Even though I’ve been in Vancouver dozens of times, I learned some interesting facts and history about the city.

The Marine Building, 355 Burrard Street

I didn’t get a shot from a distance to show the beauty of this structure.  It’s often used in tv shows and movies shot in Vancouver to emulate New York.

We made our way down to the water and into Stanley Park.  We stopped at the Totem Park:

Most of the totem poles in the park

Unfortunately, they have had to create a berm/barrier to keep people from messing with the poles.

I had never seen this, nor knew of its existence in the park:

Beaver Lake

A serene little beaver pond!  Very pretty and lush and green.  The lily pads and vegetation are taking over the water, though.

We stopped at the Laughing Men on our way to lunch. This guy is calling a cut track penalty on someone!

In the afternoon, we went through Gastown and False Creek and Chinatown.  I didn’t get a ton of photos as I was too busy looking at everything.  We popped into the Dr. Sun Yat Sen public gardens; so serene and beautiful.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen public gardens
Dr. Sun Yat Sen public gardens

This is the free/public side, not the side we have visited previously where it is paid admission.  Still quite lovely.  We were sitting on the stone fence looking at the pond an I had leaned over to see this turtle:

the culprit

when my (new) black RayBan Wayfarer sunglasses slipped out of my jacket pocket and kersploosh, into the pond.  Our interpid tour guide hopped the fence, took of his sock and shoe and with Ande anchoring him through the wall, reached into the salmonella-infested sludge and found them!  Huzzah!

We also saw several art installations on the day’s tour – Brush with Illumination, the OSGEMEOS Giants (cement silos, Granville Island), this cool graffiti alley in East Van:

off Venebles Street

Lots more photos on my flickr page. (p.s. I have no idea why these pics are so big)

After we were done our bike tour, it was Bing time!

I photoshopped to get artsy!

We had a lovely family supper Friday night and got ready for Saturday’s adventures.


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