The rest of the trip

was spent watching Terminal City Roller Derby, yarn shopping, Fluevog shopping, hanging out, eating, making great food.

It was again a bit of a challenge to go to a derby game and not be reffing from the stands.  I didn’t know who to cheer for, so I cheered for the zebras.  Ha.

double header with the four house teams

this was in a different venue from the one we went to a couple of years ago (which was a dark hockey arena).  Great viewing experience!

picking up some food in the ‘hood!

Ande made (well, I helped a little wee bit) an amazing supper on Sunday – Black Vinegar Ribs. Recipe here.  We got the pork ribs “country style” so they were big and meaty and delicious.  I will have to make this here some time.

On Saturday and Sunday we went downtown and walked around for a few hours with Bing.  He was exhausted!

poor Bingle!

He does so well in public – everyone loves him and comments on what a handsome lad he is!

Sunday night we tried to take a commemorative selfie:

you can see how well that turned out.

So of course we hit up the Fluevog store on Granville (and also went to the Gastown one to pick up).  I had carefully reviewed the website and decided which ones I wanted to try on.  These shoes were released in the fall when I was in Vancouver, but only in black or red.  They just didn’t appeal to me, but when I saw they had them in some new colours, when I saw this blue, I was all over it!

Fluevog Mezzo “Della”

I put them on right away and wore them for the rest of my trip.  Super comfy and fun!

The other ones that spoke to me were these:

Fluevog Esoteric Temptations “Odette”

Again, very comfy shoes!  They have taken the “Swordfish” toe and put it on a mary jane style pump.

oh, of COURSE I’m buying these!

As always, our favourite Fluevogologist was there to attend to us.  Thanks again, Allan at the Granville store!

I’ll do a separate post about the yarn.

(more photos on flickr)


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