The Toothless Wonder

Ever since Rufus came to live with us (i.e. directly off the track), he has had dental issues.  He was given a dental cleaning when he was “under” for his neutering, just before we got him.  When it was time for his next annual vet visit, he had a dental done, and this time he had eight teeth extracted.  He had some gum recession and gingivitis.  After each dental, even with brushing and gel treatments, his teeth were plaqued up within weeks.

Fast forward to his vet appointment last week.  We knew he needed another dental and anticipated several extractions.  Poor fella ended up getting several (20?) extracted and now has 7 teeth left.  His appointment was on Friday, so we’ve been giving him soft foot and his favourite, cottage cheese, over the weekend.  He has been gumming down some kibble, so once his gums heal completely, we’ll see how we’ll feed him.

"I ain't got no teefs."
“I ain’t got no teefs.”

He did pretty well after the procedure, considering how many teeth they removed.  He slept well Friday night and by Saturday afternoon was more like himself.  He’s such a gentle, easy going soul.


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