Lush Cardigan finished!

quick bathroom selfie

I finished the Lush cardigan on the weekend but it took a few days to get some photos.  I was a bit apprehensive about the sizing on this because of my gauge being different than what the pattern called for.  I wanted to use up some yarn I’d had for a while.

Here is my Ravelry project page for it.  The Rowan Felted Tweed DK yarn I used was slightly smaller gauge than what the pattern called for.  So I used the Medium size stitch counts to anticipate having a Small size finished sweater.  The thing that caused me the most concern was the lace panel.  The pattern has you make the lace panel, then you turn it horizontal and pick up stitches on the top and bottom edges to do the collar to neckband/yoke to body.  I felt that the lace panel was just slightly too long and that it would be too loose around the shoulders.  I wanted this to be a close-fitting cardigan, and was worried all the way through working on the sweater that it would be too loose.

(excuse the “after reffing” hair)

The yoke panel is very nice; I like the detail and how it’s constructed.

back view


before final blocking


back yoke and the waist shaping

There are detailed project and mod notes on my Ravelry page (link above).

Snotty model look!
Snotty model look!
I tried to show the waist shaping detail, but it’s hard to see.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this, but I would have preferred it be a bit snugger in the yoke and waist.  I chose to go with 3/4 length sleeves because I like the look wth the lace panel.  Full length sleeves would have seemed heavier.  I did have some problems with the sleeves.  I knit the first sleeve then tried it on and it was impossibly snug on my biceps/upper arm.  I left it, then did the second sleeve.  Upon working the second sleeve, I realized I had mis-read the pattern and instead of working the sleeve (from the arm scye) for 4 inches, I had only worked it for 4 rounds.  So the decreases had started much too soon and that’s why it didn’t fit.  Once I’d finished the second sleeve, I ripped out the first and reworked it properly and they fit just right.

So now I have a hat that has been sitting for a while, and the shawl I cast on for travel knitting.  I think I’ll finish those two before I start something new.  But I am looking forward to using up some of my new sock yarn!


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