Will it defeat me?

Before I went on my visit to Vancouver, I started a shawl so I would have a no-brainer project on hand for knitting at the airport, etc. (Rav link: Age of Brass and Steam)

I have had to re-start the damn thing four times.  My stitch count kept being short by one or two stitches whenever I finished a section and actually counted.

The pattern has both yarn overs and “M1” increases on the right side, and YOs on the purl side.  I suspect I am missing the odd YO on the purl side.  I have now gotten to this point:

Age of Brass & Steam
Age of Brass & Steam

The yarn is really lovely – Sweet Georgia Yarn’s Cashluxe Fine (merino, cashmere sock yarn).

the colour is "rusted"
the colour is “rusted”

I tried to work on it last night, but didn’t feel like it.  I am again out by one stitch.  I know I can make it up during this next section, but to be consistently missing YOs or increases is bothering me.  I’m tempted to rip it out (again) and make a Boneyard shawl.  Love that pattern!

I have been very busy this month with roller derby (something every weekend).  Coming up there is a recruitment event on Sunday, then practices, then another double header on July 11.  I have committed to ref for a couple of other leagues in the province during their season, so have some other dates as well.  Then I think it will slow down a bit.  It’s all great, but man, was it hot on Saturday night when the outside temp was above 30°C, humid and inside the arena was just as stifling.  Blah.

For the past month the northern half of our province has been in dire straits with wild/forest fires raging uncontained.  We have had mornings and evenings where we’d get a whiff of wood smoke, but since early this morning, we have had thick, thick smoke.  Our air quality health index is at 10+ (which is “very bad”).  Hopefully we (and the north) will get some rain soon to cool things down and put some of the fires out.


4 thoughts on “Will it defeat me?”

  1. Beautiful yarn, hope your project works out better for you! I keep meaning to start a shawl like this, but alas other patterns keep distracting me from it. You could always make 1 and call it a day :]

  2. You can have our rain! We have tons of it, and always at inconvenient times this year! Be safe.

    Nice AoBS. 🙂 It’s just that smidge less than brainless to enable mistakes, but it is lovely when it’s done.

    Scritches to the pooches. 🙂

  3. I had a similar experience on the lace edge of a cowl I was working. Tore it out, tore it out and tore it out. Still finished it with a small mistake which was so frustrating. No one will notice it, yet…I know it is there. I love your yarn and hope you knit a happy ending.

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