Finished the Shawl and a Hat

That certainly took more attempts than it should have.  But I persevered and finished the “Age of Brass and Steam” kerchief/shawlette.

Age of Brass & Steam
Age of Brass & Steam

Ravelry project page is here.  I ended up doing four complete “stocking stitch” sections, and on the fifth one, I stopped after the 7th set of rows because I feared I would run out of yarn.  I had 6 g of yarn left after completing the “final section” and casting off, so good call.


It measures 60″ wide by 20.5 inches deep, blocked.  The fabric is soft and drapey and quite luxurious with the cashmere blend.

Now that it’s complete, I likely would do this pattern again.  I know that I have to pay attention on the purl rows to not forget those extra yarn overs.

Last night I also finally finished a sock yarn hat that I had started April 27 (according to my Ravelry page).  It got set aside to work on the Lush cardigan, then got left at home when I flew to Vancouver, and when I got back, I wanted to conquer the Age of Brass and Steam shawl.

I’ll have photos of that tomorrow.  The one I took last night was not very good.

It’s been a busy month; I’ll write more in the next few days.

Chopper hard at work.
Chopper hard at work.

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