The summer is flying by

but I don’t really mind.  I don’t like hot, humid weather.  We just had a long weekend holiday (the Monday was a civic stat) but since I’ve been “retired”, I don’t count the hours until time off/extra days off.  But everyone had some nice weather for their long weekend.

Bill and I have been keeping busy with little projects around the house and going to Crossfit.  Plus I’ve been doing a lot of reffing this season.  The past couple of reffing outings have not been a great deal of fun due to some shitty attitudes, but I hope the next three Saturdays will be an improvement.  I’m not sure – it seems to me like derby is waning a bit, at least in our province.  Lots of low attendance, games being cancelled, teams losing players.  Hard to say what will happen; our league had a great recruitment event last month, so hopefully they can retain the new skaters.

I’ve been stuck a little at Crossfit; my power lifts haven’t really improved a lot in the past number of months.  I think I will need to devote some time at “open gym” to building strength up.  Last night we worked to a one rep max for back squat and since a year ago, I have only increased that by five pounds.  And I had done 162 earlier in the year, but could only do 155 last night.

We’ve gone on a few bike rides around the city on our Rotary Trail.  Just waiting for the city to finish the latest section then it will be almost completely linked/ringed except for a very short portion where we can just ride on the street.  I traded my bike in on a new one; this one has 8 gears vs the 3 speed I have had for a few years.  It’s nice to be able to get up a bit of speed on the straight/flat areas.

current socks in progress
current socks in progress

I hadn’t made this pattern for several years; after a few rounds of the pattern, it came back to me.  It’s quite easy to memorize once you get going.  This yarn is very nice, too – I like the vintagey look to it.  I have one sock ready for toe decreases, and will have the other one there later today.  Could possibly have these done and mailed out by the weekend.

Still no decision on what I’m going to knit next for a “big” project.  I love knitting socks, so I might just knit a few more pairs until I find something that I can’t wait to cast on.  I do have yarn for a few sweaters …

The poopers are doing good.  Rufie has adapted well to having only seven teeth.  He gets a little extra chicken from me when I’m in the kitchen and he’s around.  Ava has slowed down a lot over the summer.  She is happy to just stay in and recline on her couch and enjoy the air conditioning.  We took her out the other day for a short walk – then Bill and the boys went on their usual long walk.  Ava was getting shaky legs towards the end, but she was happy to be out in the fresh air.  It wasn’t a super hot day, so quite pleasant for all.

Queen Ava
Queen Ava

Baby Girl is 11.5 now.  Her health is good, she is just getting up there in years.

Rufie working hard
Rufie working hard

The boys are good companions for each other.  Chopper needs someone to play with, and Rufie needs someone to make him run and burn off some flab.

Chopper in his favourite spot
Chopper in his favourite spot

We decided against going on our “big” West Coast vacation this year.  Ava really prefers to be a homebody and with three hounds, it’s a bit of work with a certain amount of stress.  So we will hang out at home and see where we are next year with regard to our hound family.

The past two days have been cool, overcast and drizzly.  I really like days like this.  I’m sure we’ll get more 30°C+ temps before summer is really over, but I’m happy with the hint of coolness in the breeze and being able to have the windows open at night and not need to run the a/c all the time.


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