Chopper’s Gotcha Day

Another week or so has gone by.  Still busy with Crossfit and derby.  On Saturday we had a “ref education” day where the players came to skate so we could learn.  We had a great turnout.  It was five hours long and there was lots of sneakery and crazy scenarios thrown it to keep us on our toes.  Fantastic day of learning!

taking a break!
taking a break!

Yesterday was Chopper’s First “Gotcha Day” anniversary with us.

his first jaunt in the yard with is new brother and sister
his first jaunt in the yard with his new brother and sister

He’s definitely settled into his retirement and put on a bit of needed weight in the past year:


I finished (and shipped off) the purple socks I’d been working on.  They turned out great!  The Ravelry project page is here.

purple "No Purl Monkey" socks
purple “No Purl Monkey” socks

I had forgotten what a fun pattern it is to work on.  After the first few rounds, it is easy to memorize the pattern repeat.

Still can’t decide what sweater I want to make next, so I took some of my newest sock yarn and started some socks.  This is Biscotte & Cie “Felix” self-striping sock yarns.  Simply fabulous!

this colourway is "Titanic"
this colourway is “Titanic”

I have a few more hanks of this yarn in different colourways, so I will probably use them up next.


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