Muffin Fail

So while I strive to eat clean, sometimes you just need a treat.  I came across this recipe on Pinterest – it looked okay.  It’s “Five Ingredient Blender Muffins“.  Natural peanut butter, ripe bananas, chocolate chips!  Perfect!  However …

muffin fail

To be fair, the recipe is for “mini” muffins, but even taking that into account and lengthening my baking time, I still had some problems with about half of the muffins not baking in the middle.

Next time I will only fill the muffin cups half full and that should work. The ones that did bake all the way through tasted great! I used not even 1 Tbsp honey and they were plenty sweet enough with the ripe banana.

my favourite pic from Saturday
my favourite pic from Saturday

Our reffing crew was in Kindersley Saturday night.  The “official” game photos haven’t been posted yet, but Bill took this one with his phone.  My go-to “you can’t do that” (like the hockey ref) when I can’t spit out the correct verbal cue.  LOL!!

Still lots of derby games before the end of the season in December.  Keeping rolling on!


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