Is it Autumn yet?

It got down to about 3°C last night – it was delightful!  The house got really cold overnight, but we didn’t turn the furnace on.  Just got another dog up on the bed.  Ha ha ha!  I do enjoy the fall weather.  I’ve been looking forward to trying a lot of new recipes, and with the cooler weather it makes one think of soups, stews, hearty meals.

I tried another new recipe in the slow cooker, this bbq beef recipe.

slow cooker bbq beef
slow cooker bbq beef

I made the sauce that he links to in the recipe.  When I tasted the sauce, I thought it was a bit too spicy, but when it’s mixed with the shredded beef, it’s perfect.  I couldn’t find a chuck roast, so I used a round roast.  I think I needed to let it cook about another hour, but it was getting late.  The meat was fine, but it wasn’t falling apart tender.

We started at our new Crossfit gym yesterday.  It’s a great space and such good energy there.

happy endorphins!
happy endorphins!

Looking forward to some awesome programming and making some gains!

And today is Rufie’s third “gotcha” day.  In September 2012, after we had lost Apollo so suddenly, Bill met Rufus at the greyhound picnic and brought him home.  I was away for derby that weekend.

this was him a few days after he came home.
this was him a few days after he came home.

And here he is the other day:


I’ve got another pair of socks on the go.  I forget sometimes all the wonderful sock yarn I have acquired in my travels and could happily knit socks for a long time!  I’ll post a photo next time.


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