It’s great

to have the windows open and a cool, crisp autumn breeze blowing through!  My favourite time of year.

As I’d mentioned, I had finished a pair of socks – they turned out very nice!  I have some socks knit with Regia that are 10+ years old.  Such a durable yarn.

Regia "Africa" Colour
Regia “Africa” Colour 4059

Ravelry project page is here. Nicely matched!  I started another pair of socks and have some yarn picked out for some sock yarn hats.  I’m enjoying working my way through some of my sock yarn stash.

I tried an interesting new recipe the other day – brownies made with an avocado!

delicious, moist and chocolatey!
delicious, moist and chocolatey!

I’ve seen a few wheat-flourless brownie recipes that use almond flour or coconut flour, but this one uses no flour of any kind.  The thickening agent is the avocado.  It’s not as firm as a flour-based recipe, but still fudgey and delicious!  Will make again.

I also came across this chicken recipe that looked tasty:

skillet cilantro lime chicken
skillet cilantro lime chicken

I don’t like cilantro, so I was going to substitute parsley, but I couldn’t find fresh parsley when I got groceries, so I used some dried.  I think it would be nicer with fresh, but next time.  Also, in reading the comments on the recipe,  people suggested doubling the sauce.  As I had five big chicken breasts, I doubled the sauce.  Next time, I would not double the amount of chicken stock, but would double the cream and butter.  The sauce was quite tasty, but thin.  I expected it to be creamier.

All is well is hound-land:

Ava ...
Ava …
Rufus …
and Chopper enjoy Mondays as that is the “change the bedding and dog blankets” day.

And all is well in derby and Crossfit land.  I have games booked to the end of the season (end of November) and I’m going to a couple of Crossfit competitions – as a spectator.  Maybe next year my wod-buddy and I will enter.

good times at our new home!
good times at our new home!

I am so happy with our new crossfit – the class schedule is great, the coaches are phenomenal, and the energy and vibe is so positive and empowering.  They offer a “gymnastics skills” class once a week.  In Crossfit, gymnastic skills are body weight movements that can be quite challenging.  It’s not doing somersaults and cartwheels.  Ha!  Anyway, we have gone to two so far and each time I’m completely worn out at the end of it.  Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this week.

The WFTDA playoffs have begun, so I have been watching the games as they are uploaded to YouTube.  Some really great derby being played on the road to championships in Minnesota in November.  I watch the refs as much as I watch the players and game play.  It’s a great way to hone my rules knowledge.


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