Old Bridges

There’s an old bridge just off the highway south of our town. I drive past it at least once a week. The other day I was out running some errands and decided to go have a look.

abandoned highway and bridge

Ideally, I should have been out here a couple of weeks ago when the autumn foliage was at its peak.

There was some interesting graffiti on it. Including the helpful advice “jump here”.

I parked off the highway and walked in
I feel like it needs a tumbleweed …


So that got me thinking about another bridge in the area that I hadn’t been to in decades.  It’s in the north end of a forested recreational park just out of the city.  We used to spend a lot of time out there in our teenage years.  There is hiking and skiing and snowboarding and just driving and exploring all the winding trails.  However, in recent years they have, for reasons unfathomable, blocked the access to the road that would let you circumnavigate the outer reaches of the park.  So we drove as far as we could, then walked the rest of the way in.

it’s us!

This bridge is known locally as the “Hands Bridge”.  When we were teenagers, it was called “the Bridge of Hands” because of local folklore.  It was said that (different variations of the story) a school bus drove off the bridge into the river and some kids drown.  And if you drove your car onto the bridge at night and stopped, the windows would mist over and tiny hand prints would appear on the window.  I never knew what they were supposed to do – push you off the bridge into the water with them, or push you off the bridge onto safe ground.  ha ha ha!

Anyway, it’s quite completely covered with graffiti and I’m sure it changes over time as each layer of urban art is added.

looking west

Again, we should have been here a couple of weeks ago to get the full show of the autumn leaves.

There are a lot of really neat images:

panda face!

And the hands:

Bridge of Hands!!

So that was a fun afternoon drive.

looking north

I’ve been working on more hats/socks and will have photos for my next post.


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