So, some knitting!

I’ve been working my way through some of my wonderful sock yarns.  I made these socks:

Regia Concerto Colour 2327

The project page is here.  Good, old Regia yarn.   Such a workhorse.  I have some Regia socks that are over 10 years old.

Then I made this hat:

Shipwreck Hat

The project page is here.  I used Sweet Georgia Yarn’s Tough Love sock yarn, colourway “shipwreck”.  Really nice colours.  According to Ravelry, this is my 16th sock yarn hat.  I really like this style.

So I made another:

Sockyarn Hat #17

Project page is here.  This is Regia Arctic Color 4124.

Then I had a hat that had been started to use up some left over sock yarn.  I started it in July, but worked on other things since then.  So I finished it:


Project page is here.  For some reason, I didn’t like working on this.

On one of my trips to Vancouver, I picked up a really nice hank of what turned out to be lace-weight yarn.  It was in with some sock yarn, and I had thought it was sock weight, but it wasn’t.  So I was stumped with what to do with it.  The yarn is Colour Adventures “Cloud Lace” in colourway “Pinktastic”.  I looked for patterns on Ravelry and found a couple of interesting ones.

If I had more yardage, I would have made this one: Ombre Cowl Hood;  but because I only had 575 yards, I chose this one: Ombre Cowl.  The yarn is worked doubled.

Pinktastic Cowl

Both of these patterns develop an ombre effect by using two strands of yarn, then combining different shades in each section of the cowl/hood.  I like that idea, but as I only had this one hank of pink, it’s not the ombre.  But I think I would try this again with a sock yarn and a few different colours.

I have a couple of sweater patterns with yarns purchased, but I don’t feel in a sweater mood right now.  So more socks and hats, I think!


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