Hound Content

Just in case you are thinking there hasn’t be enough hound content:

Ava and Chopper hold down the couch

Poopers are all doing fine.  Ava is slowing down in her old age.  Recently our postal system has instituted “community mail boxes” so we walk about a block and a half to reach our mail box.  We took Ava and the boys when we went to check it out.  She enjoyed the walk to the mail box, but the standing around while we checked out the keys, etc. didn’t impress her.  She was a little shaky on the walk back.  And a couple times in recent weeks, I’ve had to carry her up the deck stairs when they go out for their before-bed pee break.  That’s more attributable to Chopper making her nervous as he brushes past her to bound up the stairs in two steps.

But she’s eating well, sleeping well and is happy.

Rufus has adapted nicely to life with only 7 teeth.  He eats just fine.  The only limitation he has is dog cookies.  He can’t eat the regular dog cookies we give the other two, so we get some little salmon cookies from Bulk Barn and break them into small pieces and he eats those just fine.

sleepy Rufie

The boys enjoy nice long walks now that the weather is cooler.  They have even had to wear their sweaters a few times.  No snow yet, just nice brisk Autumn days!


The nose knows.


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