Crossfit and Derby

still going strong.  I ended up going six times this week (4 regular WODs, an endurance class and our gymnastic skills class).  We are so very pleased with the new facility and the programming!

on my way to Crossfit, facing the setting sun

I prefer the 6 pm classes; the endurance class starts at the inhumane and ungodly hour of 6:15 AM.  Blah.  So I get there in the dark and now that the days are getting shorter, I’m also getting to the evening classes when it’s starting to get dark.


And junior roller derby has started up for the season.  It runs basically concurrent with the school year.  Last Sunday was the first learning scrimmage – to help teach the kids how to do some of the off-skates officiating like score keeping, penalty box timing, etc.  And tomorrow is the first monthly scrimmage.  We love helping out the juniors and reffing for them.

The senior (adult) season is winding down in the province.  Some leagues have already finished their game schedule for the season and are on their break.  My league (Saskatoon) goes until the end of November, but now the practices are quite late at night, due to the lack of availability at the winter practice space.  The soccer centre is usually fully booked up in the early evenings for youth soccer, etc.

soccer centre
soccer centre

Really, I’m happy to ref!

"I am smiling"
“I am smiling”

And now I’ll be driving to and from derby in the dark, not enjoying a late autumn sunset drive.

on the road
on the road

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