Crossfit Total

As mentioned earlier (I think) we had a day we could drop in at the gym and do our “Crossfit Total”.  I love doing this – it’s the total weight of the three main (power) lifts.  It’s a good gauge of progress in overall strength.

I’m not an accomplished “Olympic” lifter.  I lack the shoulder mobility/strength to do a lot of the overhead components at any significant weight, but I am a natural power lifter.  Olympic lifts are more technical, involving several body movements at once.  I’m not that coordinated.  Ha.  But the power lifts – back squat, (bench) press and deadlift – I love them.

My support system at the gym is my wod partner, and a few friends that we seem to always go to the same class.  It was a great way to spend a couple of hours.  I was very happy with my progress.  My (strict) press has not seen a lot of improvement in the last year due to a shoulder impingement.  I need to work on my shoulder mobility so that I can get more range of motion.  But I was happy to have increased my press by a few pounds (80).  Back squat, I have been at the same weight for a while, but again, I was able to increase it by a few pounds (162).  But my favourite lift, the deadlift – I was thrilled to make a major PR (personal record) at 225.  I’d been hanging at 215 and then 217 for a while.


This was my rep at 215, I think.  It was doable, so we loaded up another ten pounds on there, and I got it: 225 lb!

For comparison, my first Crossfit total (July 2013, after I had been doing Crossfit a month):

  • back squat: 62.5
  • press: 52.5
  • deadlift: 117.5   Crossfit Total = 235.5

And on Nov 7/15:

  • back squat: 162
  • press: 80
  • deadlift: 225   Crossfit Total = 467

That’s some great progress there!


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