Well, I didn’t say WHICH Sunday …

It’s funny how fast time goes by.  I honestly don’t know how I fit so much in when I was still working.  Oh yeah, I hardly slept then.  Ha.

I’ve made a bunch of heavier weight hats lately.  I came across a couple of patterns I wanted to try, and I know there’s always a need locally for warm clothing for our shelters and the drop-in centers downtown.  I had a little chunky yarn, and then I saw Michael’s had a good sale on, so I picked up a few skeins.

The first pattern was the Man Hat.  Made for chunkier weight yarns, it’s basically a broken rib stitch pattern.  Easily adaptable to any yarn weight.

purple Lion's Pride Woolspun
purple Lion’s Pride Woolspun

Ravelry project page is here.

I grabbed some of this Bernat Softee Chunky (assuming it was actually chunky weight) but when I got it home and started working with it, I realized it was bulky.  *They have changed the yarn classification system and it’s no longer labeled as worsted weight, chunky weight, bulky weight.  Now it’s fine, medium, bulky, super bulky, etc. and they don’t correlate to the predecessors.

Super Bulky
Super Bulky

Ravelry project page is here.  This yarn knits up at about 3 stitches per inch, and I find that really hard on my hands.  It made a really warm hat, though.  I had to adjust my cast on numbers to compensate for the thicker yarn.


Ravelry project page is here.  I couldn’t get a good representation of the lovely shade that this yarn is.  Nice deep blue-toned red.

I really liked the texture and the mindlessness of the pattern stitch.  I will use this again.

Another pattern/idea I wanted to try was for a “four point” hat.  One of my Crossfit coaches had a really cute hat on the other night.  It was a commercially made hat, made with a worsted weight yarn.  I had this chunky (bulky) yarn that I wanted to use up.

Four Point Crown
Four Point Crown

Ravelry project page is here.  I knit it flat (as the pattern directed) but next time I would knit it in the round.  I also did the top seaming differently than in the pattern instructions.  I did three-needle bind off and like how it looks.  I would try this again with a worsted weight yarn.


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