More Hats

To continue from my last post, I had a couple other hat patterns I wanted to try.

I really like garter stitch for hats, scarves and mittens.  It makes such a dense, cosy fabric.  I came across a pattern for a garter stitch hat and linked to it in my Ravelry project page, but you could just do garter stitch for any pattern you have using the stitch counts in the pattern.

Paton’s Shetland Chunky “lichen”

Ravelry project page here.  I found three balls of this yarn in a sale bin in Vancouver, marked down to a price I couldn’t pass by.  In the store, it looked like a lovely muted neon green.  But in daylight, it’s more of a bilious, putrid yellow barfy green.

I came across a mitten pattern I wanted to try a few weeks ago, and I used one ball of the yarn for that.

Antler Mittens
Antler Mittens

Ravelry project page here. It is the Antler mitten pattern.  I really liked this pattern, another winner from Tin Can Knits.  They have such great designs.

Rufie agrees
Rufie agrees

Anyway, I had intended to make a hat to “go” with the mittens, but I couldn’t find a cabled one I liked, and I didn’t necessarily want to sit down and adapt the cable pattern and decreases into a standard hat pattern for that weight of yarn.  In the meantime, I made the garter stitch hat which went into my donation bin.  I have started another hat with the third ball of the lichen yarn and it has garter stitch components in it.

Another hat I made was a variation of the ribbed hat I’ve made several times before.  This is a K4, P2, K2, P2 repeat.  One of my wod partners at Crossfit was having a birthday and I wanted to make something for her.  I found yarn that was in the colours of our gym logo:

Pure Ribs hat
Pure Ribs hat

Ravelry project page here.  I adapted the stitch count for this heavier weight yarn.  This is a favourite hat pattern of mine.  According to my Ravelry projects page, this is the 9th one I’ve made.

Oh, and I made another garter stitch one:

grey garter stitch hat

As an experiment, I knit this one flat to see if it would be quicker (knit every row) and by the time I finished it and sewed the seam, I think it made no difference.  Very nice, thick, cosy hat.


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