Learning new things

I signed up for the Olympic lifting class last night.  Once a week my gym offers a class specifically programmed for working on Olympic lifting skills.  I had already signed up for the regular 7 p.m. class, but I wanted to give the Oly class a try. (And then did the regular class after – ugh.)

I learned a new (to me) lift called the split jerk.  I had never tried this before, and I love it!  It’s quite a quick, forceful movement.  I got up to 90 pounds, which is the heaviest I have ever had overhead.  After we were finished, I realized that I was using the wrong (for me) leg as my forward leg.  I did a few extra rounds with my left leg forward and it felt much more stable and strong.  I’ll look forward to doing this lift again.

We are now very much into normal winter weather.  We had a fair amount of snow fall over night and during the day.  Good call on my (new) winter tires on my car.  On my drive to Crossfit last night, I encountered an accident caused by people driving much too fast for the road conditions.  Dumbasses.

I haven’t had a lot of time to knit on my latest hat.  I’d like to finish it tomorrow.  In order to up my hat game, I used a coupon at Michael’s today and got this:

pom pom maker!
pom pom maker!

(I thought they were called pom poNs …)  I tried all the various cardboard methods and my pom pons were crap.

"This is bullshit!!"
. “This is bullshit!!”

Ava is not impressed that it takes longer to get her dressed to go out than she actually spends in the yard.  Poor old lady.  The boys love playing in the snow, but she does not.


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