Are DVDs and CDs old school and outdated?

One of my projects this summer (part of Operation Minimize) was to go through my dvd collection, organize, cull and make a database of what movies I have.  I have actually bought the same dvd twice, more than once.  I culled quite a few and they went into the donation bag or were given away.  I still have a large collection.  There’s many of them that I watch occasionally, but there’s also many that I’ve only watched once or twice, but like having the option to watch again should I wish to.  Some of them are quite obscure, so I definitely won’t get rid of those.

Now with everything being portable media and online or “in the cloud”, I wonder if people buy dvds and/or cds any more.  I don’t have a large cd collection, but I have a small book case full.  Some of my favourites I have ripped onto my laptop and put on my phone and the hard drives in the car and van.  A few new albums I have bought online as a digital download.  Again, it seems no one buys cds anymore, and just relies on digital media.  I wonder about the quality of sound on the digital downloads.  The ones I have seem to be of lesser quality than the cds.

With our smart tv and my Samsung tablet, I can watch Netflix, YouTube and lately I’ve been watching movies, etc. on the Google Play Movies app.  You can rent a movie or show for a 48 hour period or you can buy it outright and have access to it from any portable device.  There is also a download option (which I haven’t yet tried).  It would be a good way to accumulate movies that I don’t already have on dvd.  Some are just not accessible any other way, and if so, I would not hesitate to purchase the cloud/digital version.

But with my somewhat eclectic taste in movies, I think I’ll be keeping my dvds for a long time!


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