Eggrolls without the roll

One of the things I miss about eating clean is Chinese food; particularly egg rolls.  I saw this recipe online and tried it today.

pretty tasty
pretty tasty

I did make a couple of changes.  First, I didn’t use sausage because I had some cooked chicken breast to use.  Also, I didn’t have any bean sprouts.  I found the 1 Tbsp of coconut oil was too much.  Next time I would either use just a minute amount or none at all.  To saute the cabbage, onions, carrots (and I added mushrooms), it just wasn’t necessary and gave a real coconut flavour to the dish.  I also used tamari instead of the coconut aminos.

Last night I finished the latest hat I’d been working on.  I made it a bit longer before doing the crown decreases.

Lion's Pride Woolspun
Lion’s Pride Woolspun

The Ravelry project page is here. I really like this yarn.  I have a few more balls of it that I will make into hats.  But I feel like doing something different, so might start a pair of mittens next.



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