It’s Friday

yay!  We’ve had another busy week.  The poopers have decided to relax today.

long-nosed snooters snoozing

I found a recipe I wanted to try – chocolate pudding!  But healthier.

raw chocolate pudding

The recipe is here.  The banana I used was really ripe, so the banana taste was stronger.  Next time I’d use a one-day fresher banana.  And you don’t taste the avocado at all.  I used raw honey instead of maple syrup and I omitted the cinnamon.  And I would add more cocoa next time, just to make it more chocolatey.

There has been a thing going around on Facebook to post five photos of yourself where you feel “pretty”.  Ha.  then you’re supposed to nominate 15 other friends to do the same.  I don’t do any of that nonsense on Facebook, but I did post one photo where I felt strong and confident.

runny mascara, sweaty hair

We have had some really great programming this week, a lot of my favourite movements and lifts.  This was after doing deadlifts/handstand push up negatives, then followed with a 1,000 metre row for time.  Good times!


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