Garter Stitch Hat

I love how this turned out!  It will be really warm and cosy.

simple garter stitch toque

I love my pompon maker – it does a great job!  Ravelry project page is here.  I had started this with a 96 stitch cast on, but as it has no ribbing, it was way too big for me.  I ripped it out and then did an 80 stitch cast on.  I messed up the decreases as I wanted to decrease over six points (my preference) but instead I ended up decreasing over five.  I like how it turned out, regardless.

The matching mittens were done a few days ago.  Also turned out great.

Supermodel Ava

Ravelry project page is here.  I have a few more new hat patterns I want to try, but I’ll get back to making some mittens soon.

thumbs up for mittens!

While browsing Pinterest I came across an interesting looking recipe for a breakfast quiche.  It had pepperoni and pizza sauce, so not exactly “clean” eating.  I printed it off to give it a try.  After reading it, I realized it wasn’t really any different (other than pizza theme) than other recipes I’ve tried.  Still good.

breakfast quiche, no pepperoni

The recipe is here.  I increased it to 12 eggs, omitted the pepperoni and pizza sauce.  I added natural/no preservatives black forest ham and used fresh red peppers instead of canned.  That illustrates one of my hugest peeves with Pinterest.  People throw around the term “paleo” with no concept as to what it means.  I can assure you, pepperoni is NOT paleo.  While I do not follow a strict paleo diet, I do try to make clean eating choices and avoid processed foods.  What I made is delicious and healthy.  (And note to self:  that baking pan worked perfectly.  Remember for next time.)


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